Costa Rica | Exclusive Deals

Welcome Home Animal & Nature Travelers, view exclusive Costa Rica deals online. Lush Costa Rica, rich in biodiversity and natural bounty showcased in its numerous national parks, is a paradise for animal and nature lovers alike. More than 25 percent of the country consists of national parks and protected areas. 

Visitors can take an eerie hike through humid Monteverde Cloud Forest, amid dangling roots, trunk-like vines and twisted trees layered with thick green vegetation while birds sing and howler monkeys roar. At night, watch the flowing lava light show of cone-shaped Arenal Volcano, one of the country’s four active volcanoes.

This peaceful, politically stable country, which has not had an army since 1949 and whose population has an outstanding academic level, has other attractions as well. The capital metropolis of San Jose offers a National Theater, museums, parks and historic sites. Heredia is appreciated for its colonial heritage, traditional architecture such as adobe houses and coffee plantations. Guanacaste and Puntarenas are known for their spectacular beaches and hotels.

Costa Rica is one of the world’s most popular destinations for eco-tourists because of its biodiversity. Both tropical plant and animal species abound in Costa Rica, including huge ficus trees with epiphytes abounding on their limbs to approximately 1,500 different species of orchids. The animals are equally as impressive, including jaguars, crocodiles, and green and scarlet macaws.

Bird watching is one of the most popular tourist activities in Costa Rica, which has more than 800 species. Top bird-watching spots include the Monteverde Cloud Forest, Tortuguero National Park, Santa Rosa National Park, Cahuita National Park, La Sevla Biological Station and Helconia Island.


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