The Hottest New Caribbean Spot for Your Marriott Points

Welcome Home Travelers, if you crave turquoise water and isolated beaches and want to go where your Marriott Rewards account takes you, there’s a new island in the Caribbean to add to your must-visit list. The Courtyard Bonaire recently became the first chain hotel to ever open on the island.

Let that sink in for a moment. The lack of chain accommodations means smaller crowds. It means unspoiled stretches of shoreline. It means Bonaire still moves to the slow pace you crave when you need to decompress.

Not Just for Divers. Bonaire has long been a mecca for scuba divers from across the globe. They come here for the protected reefs easily accessible from shore. While there have never been any chains, there are hotels—most of them focused on scuba diving.

The opening of the Courtyard comes at a time when the island is emerging from its nobody-goes-there-but-divers reputation. In recent years, the island gained several cruise ship stops per week, bringing with them the usual growth in companies that cater to tourists. Read More…


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